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Topcon System 150 Automatic Steering System

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Stock Number: System 150
Manufacturer: Topcon

System 150 Automatic Steering System

Using next generation positioning technology the Topcon System 150 represents superior value for today's farmer.  On-screen visual aids, including the optional detachable lightbar and easy-to-read coverage maps, provide job information for complete application accuracy. Currently a range of steering ready tractors are supported. 

Added Productivity
The System 150 Automatic Steering system has features such as boundary and U-turn recognition to make it easy to complete your turns and lock on to the next swath. The guidance dashboard provides on-screen indicators for area applied, speed, row number, and satellite information while building a color coverage map.

Light weight and portable, the System 150 is simple to move from vehicle to vehicle. Use the USB port to easily transfer the file with field notes to your computer for printout.  

Boundary Mapping
Boundary mapping enables you to create an outline of your field that you can then use for any application job that you perform on that field. Knowing the size and shape of your field will help to plan your application quantities and coverage route. 

Automatic Coverage Maps
After knowing the area of your field with boundary maps, coverage mapping can be used to track the area covered by your vehicle. Easily identify missed areas or identify areas of overlap. With the remote master hookup, automatic coverage maps can be generated more accurately without additional work.

Automatic Section Control Option
With the optional, ASC-10, Automatic Section Control the System 150 will automatically switch from one to ten sprayer sections on and off as you cross a previously applied area, saving chemical while protecting your crop. The System 150 has market leading vehicle and sprayer setup settings to suit a variety of configurations including attached front and rear implements or single and double trailed hitch points.

AGI-3 Positioning System
With fully integrated steering and inertial guidance gyros, Topcon's World's First Paradigm G3 triple constellation satellite receiver chip allows users to receive signals from all available satellites now and in the foreseeable future

No Limits
Instead of being limited to fixed patterns which may not be exactly right for your field, Topcon's intuitive software allows you to quickly create and follow the most efficient or practical guidance. The System 150 provides three basic 'modes' that can be used in a variety of combinations, allowing you to easily work with virtually any field shape.

System 150 Features:

  • Multiple Constellation support for GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Support for WAAS, EGNOS Satellite Based Augmentation Services
  • Optional Omnistar VBS and Omnistar XP/HP Subscription Services
  • Optional Support for Real-Time Kinetic (RTK) Base Station services including 900 MHz, 450-470 MHz UHF and GSM services.  
  • Optional Detachable Lightbar
  • 5" Diagonal Display - full color with backlight
  • Multiple Automatic Steering modes including Straight Line, Curves, Pivot, and Last Pass
  • Adjustable LED settings
  • Ambient Light Sensor maintains sharp display
  • Quick action keys for simple operation
  • GPS Status Screen
  • Interchangeable field views including Overhead and Path View
  • On-screen status indicators including: Row Number, Speed and Area Applied
  • Functional zoom features for swath, guidance, and field views
  • Simple on-screen set up with visual aids including implement off-sets
  • Multiple language options
  • On-screen coverage logging with operation
  • Coverage map report with field notes for simple file transfer via USB port
  • 2 x USB, 2 x CAN, 1 x RS-232 and 1 x RS-232/485 Ports
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