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Topcon 3D-Millimeter GPS... Millimeter Accurate GPS Machine Control System

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Manufacturer: Topcon Machine Control

Imagine taking your GPS rover and transforming it into a super-precise measuring device that rivals a robotic total station. Or enabling your highly productive 3D-GPS+ stakeless grading systems to speed through your highest precision work. At a fraction of the cost of a robotic total station system, and without the single-user limitation.

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Millimeter GPS™ only works with Topcon GPS+ systems and can be added anytime in the future. To get millimeter accurate GPS when you need it, get Topcon GPS+ today!

Combine Lazer ZoneTM with GPS to achieve millimeter accuracy. Lazer ZoneTM transmitter provides wide vertical measurement area - 600m/200ft diameter, 10m/33ft height. Simply set up your Topcon RTK GPS+ system as usual, add a wireless PZS-1 sensor to your mobile rover, and set up the PZL-1 transmitter to get instant millimeter accurate elevations anywhere in the Lazer Zone!


Millimeter GPS Features:

  • World's first millimeter accurate GPS system – up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS!
  • Lazer Zone™ transmitter provides wide vertical measurement area – 600m/2000ft diameter, 10m/33ft height
  • Multiple rover support (machine or pole mounted)
  • Works with existing Topcon GPS+ systems

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Lazer Zone™: Where Precision and Productivity Merge

At the heart of the Millimeter GPS™ system is Topcon's Lazer Zone™ technology. This revolutionary system brings together the simplicity of a rotating laser, the accuracy of a robotic total station, and the flexibility and multiple user capabilities of GPS, into one complete jobsite solution!

Positioning Zone Laser Transmitter

Operates similar to a standard rotating laser, but transmits a unique Lazer Zone™ signal to provide a working range of 2000ft!
Instead of a traditional flat plane, the PZL-1 provides an incredible measuring area of 33ft in height! You can even link up to four laser transmitters for use on large sites to cover a distance of nearly 8000ft with elevation changes of over 130ft! No more taking time out to reposition your laser. With the PZL-1, multiple rovers can use the same transmitter, even at different elevations for continuous production!


Positioning Zone Sensor
for Mobile Rover Applications

Instantly computes precise vertical information from the PZL-1 laser transmitter. Using Lazer Zone™ technology, the PZS-1 automatically determines elevation based on your job site control, so there's no need for a moveable mast or grade rod. Mount the PZS-1 to your range pole, where it receives the PZL-1 laser signal and wirelessly transmits data to your existing HiPer rover!


Positioning Zone Sensor
for Machine Control Applications

Mount the PZS-MC to your grader or dozer to replace your machine-mounted GPS antenna and benefit from Lazer Zone technology. The PZL-1 transmitter can operate multiple PZS-MC equipped machines, providing continuous, high-speed, high-precision control throughout the job site! The smart Lazer Zone™ technology can distinguish signals from different transmitters for hassle-free, precision grading.


The Millimeter GPS™ Solution
Combine Lazer Zone™ with GPS to take your job site to the next level: Millimeter GPS™. Topcon's innovative Millimeter GPS system computes precision coordinates from GPS+ satellites so you can operate multiple rover units from just one GPS and Lazer Zone base system. The results are productivity and job quality in a zone by themselves!

Millimeter GPS™ is a step ahead of traditional sonic control or localized GPS systems that were often labor intensive with the ability to control only one machine at a time. Simply set up your Topcon RTK GPS+ system as usual, add a wireless PZS-1 sensor to your mobile rover, and set up the PZL-1 transmitter to get instant millimeter accurate elevations anywhere in the Lazer Zone! This simple addition to your existing 3D-GPS system is the perfect solution for high-precision jobs, even those with large elevation changes!

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PZL-1 Transmitter
Zone Width
+/- 10 deg (0-30m), +/- 5m (30-300m)
Zone Radius

300m (985ft)

Lazer Zone Accuracy
Vertical: 1 arc second resolution
Self-Leveling Range
+/- 5 deg
Rotation Speed
Laser Class
Class 1
Plumb Beam
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
I/O Port
Power Supply
Rechargeable Ni-MH (w/runcharge)
4 "D" Cell Batteries
Operating Time
Approx. 20 hours (alkaline)
Approx. 15 hours (rechargeable)
Operating Temperature
-20 deg to +50 deg C
PZS-1 Rover Sensor
  Beam Detection +/- 10 deg by +/-10 deg window
  Channels 4
  I/O Port RS-232C
  Mounting 5/8 x 11 Thread
  Waterproof IPX6
  Operating Temp -20 deg to +50 deg C
  Power Supply BT-59Q Camcorder Battery
  Operating Time Approx. 8 hours
  Weight Approx. 1kg
PZS-MC Machine Control Sensor
  Beam Detection +/-10 deg by 360 deg
  Channels 4
  Waterproof IPX6
  Operating Temperature -20 deg to +50 deg C
  Power Supply DC8V~DC32V
  Weight Less than 3kg

Specifications subject to change without notice


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