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Crain/Mound City Fiberglass Stream & Tide Gauges

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Manufacturer: Seco

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Fiberglass Stream & Tide Gauges:

Stream Gauges 

  • Stream Gauges allow you to instantly see water levels
  • Features Ft/10ths/100ths graduations
  • The fiberglass stream gauge is the best permanent marker in a variety of applications and environments
  • Sturdy fiberglass assures a long life, it does not rot, rust or corrode
  • Stream gauges are provided in separate units that can be used separately or combined for convenient measuring
  • Easy to read at long distances, the gauges are protected with a non-glare coating and are easy to mount
  • Stainless steel fasteners are provided which will attach to most surfaces including metal, masonry, wood, and many other surface types
  • Stream Gauges are 1/8-inch thick, 4-inch wide and the pre-drilled holes for mounting have a diameter of 1/4-inch
  • Have 1-1/4 inch tall numbers
  • Gauges may be ordered in successive increments to form ranges and elevations
  • Number plates (sold separately) may be used to customize elevations for a particular application


Item No.         Section Increment

81-0607           Un-numbered  Can be used to mark ranges and elevations beyond your current stream gauge.
81-0601           0 to 4 Feet 
81-0602           4 to 8 Feet

81-0603           8 to 12 Feet
81-0604           12 to 16 Feet


• Construido del infante de marina de alta calidad clasifican el material de compuesto de fibra de vidrio.
• sujetadores de acero Inoxidables son asegurados{previstos} adjuntar a albañilería, madera, o metal.
• Estos jalones permanentes son grandes para supervisar profundidades de estanques, diques, corrientes, lagos, y pantanos.
• Secciones son 4 pies de largo, 4 - en. amplio.
• marcas Negras en un fondo blanco para lectura fácil.
• El · no se oxidará, se pudrirá, chip, se corroerá o se manchará.

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