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L-Net FTP Data Site

A TopNET GNSS Network


What Does L-Net Cost?
• $100.00 Set-Up Fee
• $150.00/Month Usage Fee or
• $1500.00/Year Usage Fee (when paid on one transaction)

Lengemann has made a handful of exciting and evolutionary improvements to our L-Net Network (TopNET GNSS Network), effective 3-16-09.

1. A multi base dual constellation solution (Network RTK) expressed NRTK has been implemented.
• Advantages are fixed solutions with centimeter accuracies in extremely rural areas where other RTN services struggle to acquire or maintain fixed positions
• Extremely rapid precise ambiguity fixes with redundant horizontal and vertical accuracy
• Guaranteed unmatched fixed position and production time
• We now have freedom to tie rovers who are operating on specific NGVD or other datum to a specified NRTKRS (Network RTK Reference Station)

2. The Entire Network reference frame has been updated to NAD 83 (NSRS 2007) & NAVD 88 datum.
• Horizontal accuracies to 0.04; Vertical  accuracies to 0.07
• Works seamlessly within our L-Net network, FDOT, and CORS datum with proven better vertical consistencies
• All collection software checks live to NGS NAD 83 (NSRS2007) NAVD 88 adjusted monument within hundredths

3. NRTK-RS (Network RTK Reference   Stations).
• All stations have the latest Topcon GNSS software engine.
• Support for all messaging formats including DGPS.
• Extremely clean static data with reliable 24/7 accessibility through our ftp site.
• Remote upgrade and Satellite analysis capabilities.
• GNSS antennas to accompany all stations.

4. Multiple RTN Applications supported
• Survey Rovers
• Machine Control
• Precision Agriculture
• GIS/Asset inventory
5. Technical Support
• A group of highly trained, friendly, accessible individuals for any application
• Group or field training in all applications
• 24/7 phone support

Enter: L-Net FTP Site 
(Connection could take a few seconds)

TopNet RTK Scalable Network

'L-Net' GPS Network Solution Benefits:
Two (2) Ways to Use the Network... • 24+ Mile 'Radius'

• Purchase a Monthly or Annual Subscription to 'L-Net' 

• Turn Your Existing Base into a Rover (Potentially Double Productivity)
• Become a 'Partner' in 'L-Net' • RTK Data Available Continuously over the Network...
   Eliminating the Need to Establish Temporary
   Reference Stations

 For more info call: 1.800.342.9238

• GPS and GLONASS Support Provides Enhanced Operation
   in Areas of Satellite Blockage, Foliage and Poor GPS
   Only Coverage
  (Galileo Support when available)





'Reference Station' Locations (as of 02.26.2016)   


 Altoona  Glennville, GA  Ocala  Tallahassee
 Blountstown  Hernando  Okeechobee  Tampa
 Bradenton  Homestead  Orlando  Wachulla
 Brunswick, GA
 Inverness  Palm Coast
 West Palm Beach
 Chipley  Jacksonville  Panama City   Wildwood
 Clearwater  Jupiter  Patterson, GA   Winter Haven
 Clermont  Key West  Pensacola  
 Clewiston  Kissimmee  Port St Lucie  
 Coral Springs
 Lake City
 Riceboro, GA
 Crestview  Lake Harney  Sanford  
 Douglas, GA  Lakeland  Savannah, GA  
 Fort Myers  Marianna  Sebring  
 Fort Pierce
 Merritt Island  Spring Hill  
 Freeport  Miami  Starke  
 Frost Proof  Naples  Statesboro, GA  
 Gainesville  Oak Park, GA  Summerfield  


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