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Lufkin Nyclad Steel Tapes

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Manufacturer: Lufkin

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Lufkin Nyclad Tapes:

1/2" Pro Series Engineer's Ny-Clad® Steel Tape Measure

The Crescent Pro Series Nylon-Clad Steel Tape has speed in mind with a 3-to-1 blade retraction, saving time in the field. Its thick blade and nylon coating resists wear and stands up in extreme conditions. This long tape is light weight without the stretch of a fiberglass blade.


  • Fast 3-to-1 blade retraction saves time in the field
  • Durable nylon coating on blade resists wear under extreme conditions
  • Steel blade will not stretch under normal use
Blade Style Graduations   Graduation Notation
E5 Feet/10ths/100ths      Numbered with feet in red and 1/10ths in black
E4 Feet/Inches/8ths    Numbered with feet and instantaneous foot markings in red and inches in black

Item No.           Length             Blade Style       

88-1362           100ft                E5                      

88-1360           100ft                E4                      

88-1366           200ft                E5                       

88-1364           200ft                E4    



• 1/2" amplia cinta de acero cubierta de resistente de ropa nilón.
• Cinta es amarillo con marcas negras y es resistente a rotura, corrosión y herrumbre.
• Ligero 'hola-viz' carrete plástico de naranja.
• Cinta tiene el final de gancho.

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