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Lufkin Steel Tapes

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Manufacturer: Lufkin

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Lufkin Steel Tapes:

1/4" Peerless Engineer's Chrome Clad® Tape Measure


  • Designed for engineers and surveyors who prefer a 4-arm reel
  • Reel is nickel plated, 4-arm, with rollers in each arm for smooth winding
  • Open design construction aids in drying line and clearing out dirt
  • Long, easy-action winding handle locks line in any position
  • Chrome Clad® and yellow clad blade
  • Blade 1/4”/6mm wide and 0.016”/0.4mm thick
  • Pair of 580 finger rings and a 579 engineer’s conversion rule are furnished with tape or replacement line
  • Markings on one side

Item No.           Length             Blade Type      Graduations

88-3055           100ft                E1                    Feet/10ths/100ths

88-3056           200ft                E3                    Feet/Inches/8ths

88-3050           100ft                E1                    Feet/10ths/100ths

88-3051           200ft                E3                    Feet/Inches/8ths


Cintas de Acero Vestidas de Cromo Incomparables con Reel:
en. amplio cromo cintas vestidas incluso carrete de 4 brazos. Incrementado en 10ths/100ths o 8ths. Cero a final de anillo.

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