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Lengemann Corporation Repair Information

We are an authorized Topcon Repair Service Center and provide complete factory repair services for our products.

Other products repaired include Locators, Radios and so much more. Please call 1.800.342.9238 to inquire about your specific repair needs.

To obtain repair service on items in or out of warranty, please do the following:

  1. Package your instrument in their original product carrying case (if applicable) then place it in an additional box with the proper packing material around your instrument. Please note that any instrument, product, component or part shipped to us without this protection, will not qualify your product for warranty repair services.
  2. Please make certain to include the following information with your instrument repair shipment:
    • Your company’s name or individual name
    • Billing address
    • Shipping address (if different from billing address)
    • Contact person’s name
    • Contact’s office or cell phone number, fax number and email address
    • Provide the necessary information to process an invoice for payment like a purchase order number, equipment number and/or job name/location.
    • Supply a very detailed description of the problem(s) you are encountering and include all relevant information such as the brand, model and serial number of the unit (if applicable). By doing this, will save you money by saving us time in evaluation.

Send all repairs to the following address:

Lengemann Corporation
Attn: Repair Shop
43316 State Road 19
Altoona, FL 32702

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-342-9238 or 352-669-2111 or you can email the service department at

Additional Information

  • Minimum repair charge on Hand-Held Radios is $95.00.

Please Use the Repair Order Form Below  


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Please note: We can't repair the following products due to lack of parts availability.

Cadliner Lettering System
Motorola SP-10 Radios
The following Topcon products:                            
AT-F Series
GTS-2/3/4/4A Series
Hiper +
Hiper Lite+








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