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Schonstedt XTpc Pipe & Cable Locator

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Manufacturer: Schonstedt

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XTpc Locator:

Schonstedt Trade-in Program

1. $100 off selling price for trade-in of a Schonstedt locator towards the purchase of a new Schonstedt GA-52Cx locator.

2. $150 off selling price for trade-in of a Schonstedt locator towards the purchase of a new Schondstedt Spot, Maggie, GA-72Cd, GA-92XTd.

3. $225 off selling price for trade-in of any competitor's (doesn't include Dunham & Morrow locators) locator towards the purchase of a new Schondstedt locator.

Call 1.800.342.9238 for more details.



Wear It On Your Belt!

• Industry's smallest transmitter, 7.2”L x 2.2” W x 1.5”H
• One hand operation, reach all controls with your thumb
• Direction arrows for easy locating and foolproof centering
• Digital signal strength readout, plus variable frequency audio
• Single button depth calculation
• Manual or Automatic gain control
• Volume control, plus earphone jack
• Battery indicator on both receiver and transmitter
• Available in either 82kHz (water lines) or 33kHz (electrical lines)
• Sonde mode
• 50/60hz power line locating capability
• Transmitter includes a current meter and adjustable power levels

XTpc Standard Equipment:

• Retractable Receiver
• Transmitter with NiMH rechargeable battery pack
• Transmitter battery charger for 120VAC or 12VDC
• Standard size conductive clip assembly, with 6 ft leads
• Stainless Steel ground stake
• Tool belt with receiver hoster and accessory pouch
• Duffel ‘carry-all’ bag
• Soft case for XTpc locator only


• Three sizes of inductive clamps: 3”, 5”, or 7”
• Three sizes of conductive clips: Standard, Heavy Duty and Large Heavy Duty
• 82 kHz sonde
• Inductive Antenna
• Earphones

Receiver Specifications:

Operating Frequency

82kHz (water lines) or 33kHz (electrial lines) selected at the factory, plus 50/60Hz passive detection


9 V single battery

Battery Life

18 Hours (intermittent use)

LCD Display

3 1/2 digit reflective
Signal Strength, Mode, Directional Arrows, Battery Status, Volume and Depth


XTPC faceplateON/Volume adjustment
UP gain
DOWN gain


Unit extended:  26 in  (~66 cm)
Unit collapsed:  15.5 in  (~39 cm)


Under 2.5 Lbs

Transmitter Specifications:

Operating Frequency

82kHz or 33kHz (factory selectable)


7.2" L x 2.2" W x 1.5" H

Battery Type

Rechargeable NiMH 7.2 V, 3800mAH

Battery Life

8 hours continuous use


12 V DC and 120 V AC charger

Output Power

Maximum allowed under FCC at 82kHz


UP Power
DOWN Power


3 1/2 digit reflective
Battery Status, Mode, Output Power Level, Output Current (mA)


8-pin "Smart" CNC connector to:
1) Inductive antenna
2) Inductive clamp(s)
3) Conductive clips


Under 2 Lbs

(We reserve the right to change specifications)


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