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Suunto KB-14 and KB-20 Compasses

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Manufacturer: Suunto

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Suunto KB-14 and KB-20 Compasses:

KB-20/360R G Yellow Compass – Item No. 88-0132

Suunto KB-20 is a floating, light-weight hand-bearing compass that is an ideal for marine, professional and outdoor use.

The advanced navigation compass. When venturing out into new territory, these sighting compasses offer precision navigation with a variety of carefully engineered and dependable features for challenging conditions.

  • Accuracy 0.5°
  • Graduation interval 1°
  • Scale: Azimuth 360°, Reversed 360°
  • Adjustable diopter
  • Saphire bearing
  • Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in Finland
  • Measurements: 3.07” x 2.24” x 0.79”
  • Weight: 1.27 oz.
  • Glass/Bezel material: Acrylic/Plastic
  • Includes: Lanyard and quick guide

KB-14/360QG, Global Quadrant 0-90-0° Without Declination Adjustment -Item No. 88-0133

Suunto KB-14/360Q G Precision Global Quadrant Compass is made without Declination Adjustment, but it does have an optical adjustment. The Suunto Precision Global Quadrant Compass is corrosion resistant with vibration-free movement, are graduated in 1° units. The Suunto KB-14Q G comes complete with a black nylon case with a lanyard attachment.

KB-14/360R G Compass – Item No. 88-0134

Suunto KB-14 is a hand-bearing compass with high accuracy and usability when taking direction.

  • Accuracy 1/3°
  • Graduation interval 0.5°
  • Scale: Azimuth 360°, Reversed 360°
  • Adjustable diopter
  • Saphire bearing
  • Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
  • Anodized light-alloy housing
  • Nylon pouch with belt-loop
  • Lanyard
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in Finland

Rubber Cover for KB-14 and PM-5 Compass – Item No. 88-0145

Protects all Suunto KB-14 and PM-5 models. Rubber cover can be used to protect all the different Suunto KB-14 and PM-5 models. The rubber cover is in yellow to make it more visible, and it is made of a saltwater and UV-resistant mixture of EPDM and natural rubber. Additionally, the rubber cover is easy to hold while wearing gloves.



KILOBYTE 14 brújulas
• Hecho de alojamiento de aluminio trabajado a máquina ligero con observación de ocular
• Líquido lleno mojando cápsula
• modelo de Acimut
es graduado a 1/2-degree e incluye backsight que lee rapidamente la lectura de previsión
• modelo de Cuadrante
es graduado al 1 grado
• Ambos modelos son suministrados de caso skylon y acollador

KILOBYTE 20 brújula
• Hecho de un alojamiento plástico endurecido
• graduaciones de Acimut sólo
• Caso no incluido

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