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Topcon Falcon 8+ UAS

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Manufacturer: Topcon

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced the final Small UAS Rule on June 21, 2016. The press release is available at: FINAL SMALL UAS RULE

Please note that all provisions of the Rule, including all pilot requirements and operating rules, will be effective in August 2016, 60 days after the rule is published in the Federal Register. Details are available on the FAA’s UAS website

Topcon Falcon 8+ UAS

Innovative Design delivering Top-quality Data

• Configurable for inspection or mapping
• Use multiple sensors simultaneously
• Resistant to magnetic interference
• Operational in windy areas
• Low noise, emission-free operation

The Topcon Intel® Falcon™ 8+ System is a rotary-wing UAS designed for inspection and monitoring
or survey and mapping applications, depending on which camera payloads are used. Offering flexibility
in tight spaces and challenging environments, the Topcon Intel Falcon 8+ System uses best-inclass
sensors, active vibration damping and an actively compensating camera mount.

The Topcon Intel Falcon 8+ System Inspection Package can be used for multiple types of inspection projects that require high-resolution imaging. The Mapping Package is well-suited for mapping projects up to 30 hectares (86 acres) per flight.

Inspection Package
The Inspection Package payload consists of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50 for true color RGB images and the FLIR Tau 2 640 for infrared imaging. With the Inspection Package, operators can perform close-up inspections to detect millimeter damage, fine hairline
cracks, leaks or heat power losses. The hybrid RGB + 14-Bit RAW data inspection payload combines a near-infrared camera with a high-resolution digital camera mounted in parallel.

Mapping Package
The Mapping Package is an innovative solution for small mapping projects and volume calculations. High-resolution geo-referenced aerial images can be taken from various heights within set GPS tolerances and offer a complement to conventional methods. The Mapping Package includes a 36MP RGB camera (Sony Alpha 7R) and delivers orthophotos or 3D models in Topcon ContextCapture software, powered by Bentley.

Intel Cockpit™ Ground Control Station (GCS)
Data links, remote control of the camera and the controls for the Topcon Intel Falcon 8+ System are completely integrated into the GCS and provide absolute freedom of movement. Optional independent camera control allows two-person operation for
inspection flights.

• Minimal pilot corrections
• Simple plug and play camera integration
• GCS includes built-in automated flight functions
• Advanced flight planning via a PC
• Automated, reproducible 3D flights

• Balanced V-shape design
• Unaffected by magnetic interference
• Automatic compensation for wind gusts
• Active vibration damping

Built-in Fail-safes
• Three autopilots
• Redundant electronics
• Redundant propulsion system
• Redundant radio links

Top-quality Data
• Best-in-class sensors
• Automatically compensating
camera mount
• Delivers detailed data
• Workplace tested since 2009

Flight System
Type  V-shaped Octocopter
Dimensions  768x817x160mm
Engines  8 electrical, brushless (sensorless) motors with 125 W max power each
Rotor Diameter
Rotors  Total Rotors: 8. Weight: 6g each
Without payload
Max Take-Off
Flight Time  Up to 26 minutes
Flight Range
 1 km+ 
Tolerable Wind Speed   GPS 12 m/s
  Manual 16 m/s 
Navigation Sensors
AscTec® Trinity (IMU: barometer, compass, accelerometers, gyroscopes)
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), GPS and GLONASS
Maximum Airspeed
Manual / Height Mode: 18 m/s
GPS Mode: 4.5 m/s
Maximum Climb / Sink Rate
Manual Mode: 6 - 10 m/s
Height / GPS Mode: 3 m/s
Wireless Communication
2x Diversity control/data links, 2.4 GHz
1 x Digital video link, 5.1 GHz
Power Supply
2x Intel® Powerpack 4000 (redundant setup)
CE and RoHS

* The Topcon Intel Falcon + is available only in North America

Lengemann honors the warranty as specified by the product manufacturer.

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