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Topcon FC-5000 Accessories - Keyboard & Grounded Stylus

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Topcon FC-5000 Keyboard & Grounded Stylus Optional Accessories

Topcon is introducing two new optional accessories: 1) Landscape style external keyboard and 2) Electrically grounded stylus.  Both are designed to improve performance of the FC-5000 in cold weather when operators are wearing gloves.  These optional accessories can be ordered and used together or independently. 

External Keyboard - Optional FC-5000 Accessory

The new keyboard is designed for on-the-fly installation and quickly snaps onto the FC-5000, no tools required.  This keyboard is compatible with all FC-5000’s sold in the past.  It features a positive response, raised key, full Qwerty keyboard design. 

Ground Stylus - Optional FC-5000 Accessory 

This electrically grounded stylus is used to improve the performance of the touch screen when the operator is wearing gloves in cold weather.  It consists of the soft-tip stylus with a tether.

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