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Topcon GT-500V Robot - Vertical Construction

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Topcon GT-500V Robot - Vertical Construction

Vertical Construction - Faster, Smaller, Lighter

The GT-500V series of robotic total stations is designed for today’s fast paced construction environment. Its easy-to-use interface and secure screen feature help you save time and improve work quality. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long range reflectorless measurements, and the ability to perform as a hybrid positioning solution. All in one compact system that’s a third smaller and twice as fast.

The GT-500V Series total station has an UltraSonic motor to track prisms smoothly and accurately. Together with a RC-5A remote, tracking a prism in even the most complex construction environment is easier than ever

  • Ultrasonic direct drive motors
  • 30% smaller and lighter with more functionality
  • TSshield™ global service
  • Advanced UltraTrac technology
  • 3 Year instrument warranty
  • 5 Year Ultrasonic motor warranty
  • Laser plummet

Protection with TSshield

GT-500V has the built-in TSshield protection that enable you to create an extra layer of security and control to your valuable investment.  TSshield is an optional subscription services that can remotely lock the instrument and tracking it visually on a digital map. In addition, TSshield empower the owner to review it operating history and update GT-500V firmware on the job site. Enhanced prism locking and tracking technology with a RC-5A unit

Enhanced prism locking and tracking technology with a RC-5A unit
With a RC-5A device, finding the prism on your pole is as simple as a click on a button.  Combined with GT-500V’s built-in RC handle, the total station can swiftly turn to your current location and lock on to the prism in a multi-prism construction environment.  In addition, RC-5A extends the single operator distance to 600m/1968ft*.

* Line of sight and no Bluetooth interference.

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