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Topcon Millimeter GPS 'LazerZone' System

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Manufacturer: Topcon GPS Solutions

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Imagine taking your GPS rover and transforming it into a super-precise measuring device that rivals a robotic total station. Or enabling your highly productive 3D-GPS+ stakeless grading systems to speed through your highest precision work. At a fraction of the cost of a robotic total station system, and without the single-user limitation.

Millimeter GPS™ only works with Topcon GPS+ systems and can be added anytime in the future. To get millimeter accurate GPS when you need it, get Topcon GPS+ today!



Featuring Topcon's revolutionary Lazer Zone™ technology, the next generation of laser measuring equipment, Millimeter GPS™ is the most exciting job site technology since the arrival of automated machine control, the robotic total station, or the rotating laser! Get all the benefits of existing technologies in one high precision job site control system:

  • World's first millimeter accurate GPS system – up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS!
  • Lazer Zone™ transmitter provides wide vertical measurement area – 600m/2000ft diameter, 10m/33ft height
  • Multiple rover support (machine or pole mounted)
  • Works with existing Topcon GPS+ systems

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The Millimeter GPS™ Solution
Combine Lazer Zone™ with GPS to take your job site to the next level: Millimeter GPS™. Topcon's innovative Millimeter GPS system computes precision coordinates from GPS+ satellites so you can operate multiple rover units from just one GPS and Lazer Zone base system. The results are productivity and job quality in a zone by themselves!

Millimeter GPS™ is a step ahead of traditional sonic control or localized GPS systems that were often labor intensive with the ability to control only one machine at a time. Simply set up your Topcon RTK GPS+ system as usual, add a wireless PZS-1 sensor to your mobile rover, and set up the PZL-1 transmitter to get instant millimeter accurate elevations anywhere in the Lazer Zone! This simple addition to your existing 3D-GPS system is the perfect solution for high-precision jobs, even those with large elevation changes!

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Millimeter GPS Brochure (588k)

For more info call 1.800.342.9238


PZL-1 Transmitter
Zone Width
+/-10 deg (0-30m), ±5m (30-300m)
Zone Radius

300m (985ft)

Lazer Zone Accuracy
Vertical: 1 arc second resolution
Self-Leveling Range
+/- 5 deg
Rotation Speed
Laser Class
Class 1
Plumb Beam
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
I/O Port
Power Supply
Rechargeable Ni-MH (w/runcharge)
4 "D" Cell Batteries
Operating Time
Approx. 20 hours (alkaline)
Approx. 15 hours (rechargeable)
Operating Temperature
-20 deg to +50 deg C
PZS-1 Rover Sensor
  Beam Detection +/- 10 deg by +/- 10 deg window
  Channels 4
  I/O Port RS-232C
  Mounting 5/8 x 11 Thread
  Waterproof IPX6
  Operating Temp -20 deg to +50 deg C
  Power Supply BT-59Q Camcorder Battery
  Operating Time Approx. 8 hours
  Weight Approx. 1kg
PZS-MC Machine Control Sensor
  Beam Detection +/- 10 deg by 360 deg
  Channels 4
  Waterproof IPX6
  Operating Temperature -20 deg to +50 deg C
  Power Supply DC8V~DC32V
  Weight Less than 3kg

For more info call 1.800.342.9238

Specifications subject to change without notice

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