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Topcon X42 Excavator Control System

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Stock Number: X42 System
Manufacturer: Topcon

Topcon's X42 System - Versatile, Simple, Durable, Profitable!

X42 consists of three sensors that measure the position of the boom, stick, and bucket together with an operator's interface – the GX40 control box. Together they create a simple and extremely durable system that provides visual verification of the position of the boom, stick, and most importantly bucket, real-time, right in front of the operator. All while leaving the operator in complete control of the machine at all times. X42 will save you time and money by getting you to grade fast and keep you there, accurately, even in blind or underwater applications.

With the X42 you have the flexibility to use a wide array of references to work from: existing surface, a hub, a previous cut, or a rotating laser using the optional LS-B10W laser receiver. It's as simple as choosing your reference and entering a cut and/or slope depth.



GX-40 Control Box

The key to the X42's versatility is Topcon's GX-40 control box. Featuring a 5" high-resolution, high-contrast color LCD and simple icon driven software interface, the operator 'sees' bucket position, final grade, and the distance of the bucket teeth from it at all times, clearly and reliably. There's even an optional remotely positionable light bar grade indicator for added convenience.

Additional features include:

  • USB, Ethernet, CAN & RS-232 capable
  • Ambient Light Sensor for Sharp Contrast
  • Sealed housing with Gortex Vent
  • 32Mb Internal Compact Flash Drive
  • Audio Speaker
  • Adjustable on Grade Window
  • Optional Remote Hot Shoe for Multiple Light Bars

TS-1 Tilt Sensor

Four 3-axis, 360 degree TS-1 tilt sensors measure the attitude of the 'house', boom, stick, and bucket to provide position information to the GX-40 Control Box. Small, extremely durable, environmentally sealed, and containing no moving parts, these sensors are built to withstand the punishing world that excavators live in. With 0.01 degree resolution, they resolve even slight changes in machine position to keep your grade accurate from start to finish.


Optional LS-B10W

Adding the LS-B10W to your 2D excavator system puts the power of laser accurate grade at the operator's finger tips. Simply mount the sensor on the stick and enter the distance from the laser beam to the design grade and go to work. Think how much money you can save on setting stakes and the time you will save grading utilities and slopes!


Ultimate versatility and time-savings!

Create and cut complex designs – another Topcon World's First!

Multi-section jobs just got a whole lot faster and easier! Topcon's X42/X62 let's the operator create complex designs involving several different elevations and slopes, and execute them continuously from a single reference. No more re-setting for each cut, or re-establishing a reference point when you move the machine.


There's a Topcon laser that’s a perfect match for your 2D system and your budget...

RT-5SW 'Smart' Slope Laser

RL-100 1S / 2S Series Slope lasers

RL-H3 Series


Step up to the World’s most advanced 3D excavator system, Topcon's X63
Experience the benefits of Topcon's satellite positioning based X63 GPS+ excavator grade control.

X63 provides all of the advantages of satellite positioning technology with the superior performance and usability of Topcon's X62 machine control. In addition to X62 features like complex designs, viewable bucket position, and color-coded grade indicator, X63 enables the operator to 'see' his machine's exact position on the site. X63 also provides for multiple angle views of the machine. Choose from plan, profile and sectional views.

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